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I offer attentive coaching with my years of experience in corrective exercise. Many personal trainers lack a deep knowledge of muscles, movement, and what causes injuries. Unfortunately, these subjects are mere footnotes in the personal trainer certification process.

My education as a Physical Therapist Assistant focused on a deep knowledge around muscles, movement and injury causes. I understand what causes common injuries to the low back, hips, shoulders, and knees. I know how to program exercises accordingly and work around any restrictions you may have that cause pain or discomfort. I live and breathe movement and corrective exercise!

By using my education in physical therapy and personal training, I tailor a plan that will help you reach your goals. Blending my experience and education in movement, corrective exercise, movement restriction, and program design, I can help you reach your goals.

I also have experience with clients who deal with chronic pain and suffer from multiple medical issues. Whether you have low back pain, multiple joint replacements, a fused spine or just want to shed a few pounds I can comfortably find solutions for you to begin your journey!

Finally, my focus is you! Your goals become my goals as we work together towards your success. During our sessions, I am fully present with you. I am not on my cell phone unless I’m taking a picture of you rocking a workout. I am not on my computer or working on any other tasks during your session. You are paying me to coach you, make it safe and fun, and help you reach your goal.


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My busy work schedule and parent duties only allow me to meet with Lee once a week but it’s been amazing.  He changes my workouts when we meet so he can see my form and offer recommendations for all the exercises I do during the week.

Data Driven Fit has been a great change for me and now I look forward to my workout days and excited about future workout plans Lee has in store for me…


If you are looking for a Personal Trainer who can teach and guide you through learning new skills and help work towards your goals, Lee is your guy. Training with Lee will challenge you and inspire you to improve. He is very insightful and continues to learn and improve himself which makes for a great example to follow.


Lee is an excellent clinician & trainer and always keeps his clients goals in mind.  I highly recommend him for his exercise knowledge and ability to put this into practice for clients.

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