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My name is Lee and I am the owner and trainer at Data Driven Fit. I offer 1 on 1 personal training as well as couples training in a private studio located in Lynnwood. My facility is fully stocked with everything you’ll need to lose fat, gain strength, and boost your confidence!

While coaching in a supportive and non-judgemental manner, I strive for open and clear communication. I am not a drill instructor or a personal cheerleader, but I can be if you need it! These sessions are private training with me as your coach, you are not buying a gym membership. Questions are encouraged during sessions as I love to teach clients about how the body works!


My background is in physical therapy where I have spent 5 years working in an outpatient clinic. Working in physical therapy allows me to work with various medical issues ranging from foot pain to neck pain, spinal fusions, and even joint replacements. I work with patients as young as 6 years old as well as their great grandparents.

I have extensive experience with low back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, posture related issues, as well as working with pre/postnatal women. If you feel that you would benefit from a personal trainer with extensive movement knowledge and skill prescribing exercises around injuries, then I am the trainer for you!

Hiking and backpacking are some of my favorite past times! My specialty is training and conditioning clients who are hiking short or long distances. In 2018, I hiked 2650 miles along the Pacific Crest Trail spanning from Mexico to Canada. The hike takes around 5 months to complete and I was fortunate to avoid injury with my knowledge in physical training, nutrition, and recovery. This lead to the creation of Trailside Fitness, which specifically addresses issues for hikers. Let me help you train for your next adventure!

I recently became a published author as well, having written an article for Washington Trails Magazine (March/April 2019), which is the publication for Washington Trails Association. I have also been a guest lecturer for The Mountaineers in Seattle during their Conditioning Hiker Series in March 2019.

Volunteer Work

Volunteering has always been important to me. My first interaction with the rehab world was volunteering at Jackson Hole Therapeutic Riding Association in Jackson, Wyoming. Riders with cognitive and/or physical disabilities are transformed for an hour as they receive physical and occupational therapy while horse riding. It was a really incredible experience! I have also spent time more locally with Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center in Redmond, Washington.

I volunteered for nearly a year in Tucson, Arizona at the VA hospital with veterans they worked their way through the rehabilitation process. Whether just coming out of surgery or finishing their last day of therapy, I was there to assist them. It was a great way to give back to the service men and women of our country. I am thankful for that opportunity to help our veterans!

Finally, I spent nearly 5 years as a volunteer firefighter and EMT for two great organizations. Jackson Hole Fire/EMS in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and King County Fire District 20 in Skyway, Washington. Giving back to the community in this capacity has been very impactful for me!

Strength Training

The training facility comes fully stocked with both traditional and non-traditional equipment that when used in accordance with my functional muscle training plans will have you feeling and looking stronger in no time! 


With a background in physical therapy, I have the experience and knowledge to develop personalized fitness plans that will reduce pain, increase mobility and enhance overall quality of life. 

Weight Loss

Many people begin their journey into fitness with this goal in mind, and for good reason! Carrying around excess weight can hinder almost all other aspects of your life. I offer personalized fitness plans, supervision in a nonjudgemental private studio setting, and accountability to help ensure that you make consistent progress towards your goal weight.

The Gym


The facility is a private studio located in Lynnwood, Washington that comes fully stocked with everything you’ll need to lose fat, gain strength, and boost your confidence!

The exercises and movements I favor target the key muscles you need to protect your spine, build strength, improve your conditioning, and just make life easier. Strength is never a negative asset and will improve the quality of your life. By using different variables I program these simple movements together to help improve your flexibility, gain strength, improve your cardiovascular conditioning, and burn fat.

My approach uses a variety of traditional and non-traditional equipment with simple everyday movements like pushes, pulls, lifts, carries, squats, hip hinges and lunges for workouts. The movements and exercises I use mimic daily actions you’d perform at home or while at work which makes them very approachable to every level. You’ll see the benefit of these exercises quickly since they directly carry over into your daily life! Simple really is best in most cases; I focus on the basics and I do them well!

Fitness Updates

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