Working out has always been difficult for me.  I would go to the gym and watch other guys bench and squat more weight than I thought was possible for me.  I would normally work out three days a week not documenting my exercises, weight, or reps.  Just going through the motions.  I always thought if I keep doing this eventually I’ll be able to put on the big plates.

I would sometimes research how to get bigger and stronger and try other workouts for a month or so.  Never really seeing any significant gains.  Then I spoke with Lee about a lower back issue I was having.  He showed me some exercises to stretch the muscles that get tight due to my job working on a computer most of the day.

During that visit, we spoke about building me a custom workout program to help strengthen my back and core muscles.  When I explained my struggles of trying to get bigger and stronger he offered to put a workout routine together for me.

That’s when he explained my body type is “Ectomorph” which means I have a high metabolism and difficult time gaining weight.  He explained very simply more weight with fewer reps will get me stronger.  In the past I’ve worked out with the weight I felt comfortable so I wouldn’t get injured.  Lee explained if I keep good form then keep increasing the weight.

I noticed a difference immediately on my attitude and approach to the workout in the gym.  In just a month I’ve seen my body weight increase 8 lbs (which is very difficult for me).  At least 20 lbs more on the bench press and 30 lbs+ on squat.

My busy work schedule and parent duties only allow me to meet with Lee once a week but it’s been amazing.  He changes my workouts when we meet so he can see my form and offer recommendations for all the exercises I do during the week.

Data Driven Fit has been a great change for me and now I look forward to my workout days and excited about future workout plans Lee has in store for me.


If you are looking for a Personal Trainer who can teach and guide you through learning new skills and help work towards your goals, Lee is your guy. Training with Lee will challenge you and inspire you to improve. He is very insightful and continues to learn and improve himself which makes for a great example to follow.

His Physical Therapy knowledge and skills add another layer to his approach which shows up with his explanations and teaching of how and why you are doing specific exercises and movements. If you are in need of a highly qualified and skilled trainer, you have found that here with Lee.


Lee is an excellent clinician & trainer and always keeps his clients goals in mind.  I highly recommend him for his exercise knowledge and ability to put this into practice for clients.

5/5 (1 Review)